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As PAWS responds to our community’s increasing need for services, growing pains are evident. PAWS’ current Cat Adoption Center is no longer well suited for the number of cats requiring care. The size of the facility is forcing PAWS to turn away animals in need; high volumes of potential adopters overflow the facility’s two parking spaces. As PAWS continues to enhance its services, lack of internet access makes it more difficult for staff to communicate and carry out necessary program activities.


In addition to an increased need for cat-focused services, we also recognize the need to facilitate dog adoptions and to hold pet-related educational classes. Our current facility will not afford such activities.


For these reasons and others, PAWS seeks to increase its capacity in all parts of its service area (Bainbridge Island and the northern half of Kitsap County), both in terms of pet adoptions and delivery of its other community programs (e.g., pet-related education, affordable spay/neuter, senior pet assistance, veterinary financial assistance).



Creating Solutions Rooted in the Community

A unique opportunity now exists for PAWS to increase its capacity and to address our community’s pet-related needs more effectively. This capacity building and expansion campaign will very affordably:

• Develop a professional adoption and education facility near downtown Kingston.

• Replace the existing PAWS Adoption Center on Bainbridge Island with a modern adoption facility in the thriving Lynwood Center area of Bainbridge Island.

kingston locationproposed Kingston location


lynwoodproposed Lynwood location



Conceptual drawing of interior of the Kingston Animal Welfare Center



PAWS’ Kingston Animal Welfare Center will be three times the size of the current PAWS space and upon opening, will allow PAWS to find loving homes for an additional 85 cats every year. That number will increase as the center reaches full capacity of 300 cats per year.


This pristine facility will not only increase our ability to save more cats, but will serve as a space for public education programs, as well as offer an outdoor area that will be used for dog adoption events.


This modern space, equipped with high-speed internet access, will also allow PAWS staff and volunteers to update PetFinder™ immediately when a pet is adopted, and to assist clients in accessing other online resources. Furthermore, we will be able to engage volunteers from Kingston, Hansville, Little Boston, and other surrounding areas in a robust volunteer program and in activities such as caring for the cats, operating the PAWS pet food bank and other PAWS service programs. PAWS’ new Bainbridge Island Adoption Center will provide an attractive, highly visible facility in the heart of the thriving, Lynwood Center area of Bainbridge Island. It will offer all the services that the current PAWS facility provides, but in an inviting, functional and accessible facility.


In tandem, these two new centers will benefit our community’s pets and petloving families by increasing capacity and vastly improving accessibility.
A group of generous PAWS supporters already has committed to provide these two wonderful facilities at the same operating expense as our current small Cat Adoption Center, once this campaign’s modest capital/start-up expenses are met.

Most importantly, these facilities will be up and running in amatter of months, quickly providing the needed miracle for cats and dogs who are in desperate need of a place to call home.


Will you join our campaign to grow a brighter future for the pets and people of our community?

Help Us Grow!

For over 37 years, PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap has distinguished itself by providing pet-related, family-oriented programs that are responsive to the needs of our community, in addition to offering a very high-quality pet adoption program.PAWS provides local families with very healthy and well-socialized companion animals, while concurrently helping to control local pet populations and offering an outlet for families who find it necessary to relinquish companion animals.

Each of the last four years has brought significantly more people and pets to PAWS seeking help. In partnership with a supportive and compassionate community, PAWS has answered the call and expanded its services dramatically, especially through its spay/neuter, veterinary assistance, and other community programs that support pets and families in need. Service requests across all programs have risen an average 25% per year since 2008.

Download the complete Capacity-Building Campaign Packet, including Naming Opportunities and draft budget.